Friday, 7 September 2012

DAY 1:


Hello Dolls and Guys:
How is your week going?
My girls and I visited Zanzibar last weekend.You know how fun trip becomes when no male species involve but only girls..I tell you what..... Amazinggg...We were so excited about the trip and we just could not wait for a day to arrive. We just wanted to have fun and we  actually had massive fun and it felt like we belong to an Island:-):-). 
Thank Goodness for the love we have been shown on this trip. KC who is our friend and good customer showered us with the best hospitality ever, offering us the accommodation with perfect beds, home cooked meals and breakfasts, jacuzzi and showers,Swimming pool, a ride to take us around the town and so on...Wow our Zanzibar trip would have been so dull without her. She made it so successful..Hands Down to KC!!!!.

     All right, These are some of the pictures from our trip and stories will continue with pictures..This is how it all started..Hellen, Dora and I met at JK  Airport babeee..
Joyce rocking scarf print vest,  jeans and  sandals; Dora rocking A vest, cropped skinny jeans ;Hellen rocking a Top, skinny jeans and Brown flats

Above Dora, Hellen and Joyce jetting in to Zanzibar  
Below: Us landing at Zanzibar Airport 
Annie wasn't in Dar on that particular day although she joined us later... 
Above, is the beautiful house we stayed for a weekend  and below is one of the rooms that comes with everything you need.. 
Later on, after we picked Annie from the Airport we driven to KC's place...
Joyce Rocking a high rise pant , top and studded flat: Dora rocking a jumpsuit :Annie rocking Floral print blazer and skinny: Hellen blue vest and skinny
 Chilling at KC's  place while waiting for KC to get ready for a fun Night.

Joyce rocking high rise pant and blouse ; Annie rocking floral blazer and skinny ; Hellen rocking a blue vest & skinny,  KC rocking a peplum dress and Dora rocking a black jumpsuit
Then we went to Livingstone babeee ..As we were snapping the guy above couldn't just stop staring and asked to take a picture with us.. Lol

                                                   We finish our day taking a ride to  Bwawani!!!
                                      We had so much fun there and we went off  to bed nearly
This trip was the best we have ever had.....Hopefully we will do it again soon..
                                DAY 2 COMING SOON...