Saturday, 30 June 2012

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Hello Dolls and Guys.
Hope you are having a great week so far.
Wow,We don't know where to begin but  we are very happy that our family is growing up day by day.Thanks to all of our customers who have chosen to shop with us!
Guys, You Rock!You Rock!You Rock endlessly!

In 'ROCK IT' division today, we rock it with the most wonderful  Malaika Sylvia a.k.a my fellow Fashionista.Lol!.
We failed to pick the look that over passed the other cause Gosh, All looks are the Bomb and she has the body  that complement well to what she puts on.
She looks amazeball, from yellow blouse with pink loafers to scarf print blouse with studded shoes.


How are you beautiful people?

As usual, In Rock it Division, there come an amazing and beautiful Dorah once again rocking stripped top , maxi skirt, yellow belt and print top like no man's business. We love the fact that, the maxi skirt match perfectly with print top which we least expected.   
Also, she looks great in white and red  striped top like a million bucks to be exact.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


How is your week going?
Amazingggg, I suppose.
Its 'Rock It' section once again fashion lovers.
We have Gladys back.Woop!Woop!
This lady is always on point and 
When it comes to support,well, Gladys is the truly definition of it. 
Gladys,Thanks so very much for backing us since day one. 

What is she rocking?
TOP PICTURE: Well, It is print blouse, knee length skirt  and wedges platform.The whole look is just too lovely and the wedges platform are too cute.

BOTTOM PICTURE: she is rocking a wide pant leg and chain necklace.We are loving the look , She looks great as usual..


Monday, 25 June 2012


Hello lovelies .
How is everyone doing?
We would like to start off by thanking all customers who made it up over the weekend.It was great seeing you again and we appreciate for your massive support:-):-)

Well, in 'Rock It' section today we are blessed to have  beautiful customers who rocked the items we supply. 

First off, is beautiful Silver rocking the yellow blouse and the gold ladder drop earrings which are the most beautiful earrings ever.Also, the blouse match perfectly well   with the batik skirt and we love how she coordinates the two.
         Secondly, Is beautiful Catherine rocking the vertical striped skirt.She looks amazing and the one shoulder top goes well with the skirt.
         Thirdly, Is Amazing Dorah rocking the trendieeees.... pleated maxi skirt with the scarf print blouse.Unfortunately, the camera went off before we took the  front  part  of it!
   Finally, is our one and only Gladys rocking the print blouse. We are loving this look and the handbag is just too gorgeous for words. 

Thursday, 21 June 2012


How are you doing guys?
We would like to let you know that Mzigo wa End June is on its way and soon, very soon will be homee.. We are so excited and we can't wait to meet our customers once again.
For those lovely customers who missed the beginning of June arrivals and politely asked us to bring the items again, we are so glad to let you know that we have included in this arrivals.Expect more of maxi skirts, palazzos, peplum dresses and boyfriend jackets on your way soon.
Make sure you keep an eye on this blog or our facebook accounts for updates. Also, for those who didn't miss  items rather than you want something fancy, please mark your date from 23-25 of this month mzigo unaingia.
We appreciate so much for shopping with us and we are looking forward to seeing you.
Mad love
Stay Blessed!

Sunday, 17 June 2012


Hello Dolls and Guys.
It is our sincere hope that you are doing fab.
In 'Rock it' section today, we have a beautiful soul  Gladys rocking very outstanding neon yellow loafers.
The colour is too spot on and we loving it.
She wore them on Friday at her working place.
The whole outfit looks causal and that how Friday's outfit at work suppose to be.
she rocked them very well
We like it.

Thursday, 14 June 2012


Hello lovely  kindred souls:-)
As I am writing this post, It is 8:05 pm but the  sunshine is still penetrating through my window.Wonderful isn't it?
I'm very exciting to share  with you this post.
Leena who is my very good friend and my former classmate introduced me to this beautiful Upcoming designer Sandhiana.It was just coincidence that I found the pictures in her  Facebook Timeline (as she was among the models) and I really wanted to know the person who is behind this collection.Glad that Leena was so willing to connect  me to her .
So, ladies and Gentlemen here she is: Sandhianaaa (Applause! Applause!)

Basically, Sandhiana is third year student, majoring in Textile and Fashion Design at the University of Mauritius.So, as part of Dissertation requirements ,Sandhiana had to reuse old garments for her collection which I find to be the coolest requirement ever.

Global culture is very exciting and this lady has a special touch for Indian wear.Therefore, being inspired by RANGOLI (decorative motifs for any Indian festivity), she  interwined the Rangoli and reused Sarees (traditional wear for India ladies) to remake the clothes.She also did some rough  sketches , patchwork  and picked a Bohemian style to give the collection meaningful aspect. 

The pieces are very colourful and beautiful considering that she has to reuse old sarees to make them, she also still in learning process and more amazing she was allocated only three months to complete the collection.

Sandhiana doesn't have a brand yet nor someone who works for her but is considering to have her brand in the future.However, If are you really interested , she can make something fancy for you.Hence, contact her through

* We Wish you all the best in your career Lovely* 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Hello Lovelies!
How is you week going?
Well, well, well!.
Look who is  banging on the trend in our 'Rock It' section today? 
Yup, It is Gladys once again babe.
Oh Yes, forget about the shorter ,shorter ones lol., maxi skirts are here to stay.
I'm so digging them and pretty sure everyone else does.
They are perfect summer piece, true definition of smart, elegance,Feminine, comfort and 
can make you twirl all day long:-).

She looks  stunning. Plus the mixing up with white belt and the top..what a choice? beyond (H)-amazingggg.

Thursday, 7 June 2012


Hello Guys!
If you like one of this items, let us know. We do provide a special order to our customers to the items that are currently available  in stores around the UK.


Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Hello beautiful people!
How is your week going?
Well, today in our 'Rock it' section, It is all about accessories.We all know that the world of fashion and style is incomplete without accessories..Perfect accessories are a MUST to add the whole look.
To start with, we have the most beautiful lady today Roberta- rocking the divine triangle arrow ear piece.I love how she  paired the Triangle Arrow earrings with silver pearl earring.We call it creativity on its best
She looks totally gorgeous for a causal wear.


Here comes our beautiful Gladys again, rocking the perfect gold triangle rope necklace.She pulled  it off so well  and I am loving the look.Honestly, Working place is not an excuse of not rocking some pretty kicks like this necklace. You can rock it anywhere and Gladys is a living example!

Monday, 4 June 2012


Hello lovelies!
It is another beautiful day. It is Mondayyy!
Just a quick post to let you know that, few items  are still available.Please Call/text 0654120920 for more Information or fika Kisangani  General  Ent. Ltd on Saturday and Sunday.

Friday, 1 June 2012


Wow, what an awesome day.How are you doing beautiful people?
Well,We have decided to introduce a new 'ROCK IT' section where we will be sharing our prestigious customer's photos rocking any item from us.Please send us your picture and It doesn't really matter if it is the entire outfit, shoes, handbag or any other small accessories.We accept all pictures, so feel free.
You can either send to us through or through our facebook accounts.
We are very much appreciate for being our customers and for your major support.

To start with 'ROCK IT' section today, there comes our long time beautiful customer and friend Gladys, rocking our platform wedges. First time,I set my eyes on this wedges I fell in love with them straight away.They are the most lovely,comfy shoes and No one can rock them better Than Gladys does. She looks gureeeet on them!