Monday, 30 July 2012


Hello good people...How is life treating you?.
It has been a long time coming Indeed..
Just to let you know the whole blog thingy was entirely messed up  in the first place and we could  not able to post anything whatsoever .We  were actually  waiting for it to come back but at the same time life moments carried us away too and we couldn't  get back ASAP as we promised .July has been a tough month for Us and Family however we truly Thank God for everything.What we know now is, we are stronger than yesterday and No matter what, there is a reason to smile again.Thank you friends for calls, hug, company and messages ..meant a world to us.
May their beautiful souls rest in Piece.Amen
So, did you miss us? :-);-)!!.
Ummh So, what do we have in store today?
It all about a recap of what we  were meant to post when time was not by our side and when the blog was so very much acting up.
Mostly, is our prestigious customers section 'Rock it'. We got loads  and loads of pictures and we will keep on bringing them up as the time goes on. Stay tuned!
*Well, What can we do without Gladys? In business world, BCG matrix to be exact, Gladys is most likely of the Star lol:-)..(Lawyers , Engineers and doctors will excuse us) ha ha..
So, what is she wearing?
Corporate trouser and Loafers. The trouser is too cute and it brings the who corporate look out.The loafers as well, matched perfectly with the blouse.We give her 10/10  cause the whole look is just as fine as wine *whoooooopppp*.

*You can't go wrong with the God sent maxi skirt, honestly..and this look prove the statement. Britney smashed it so hard . Very simple  look but she totally look great.
Tell you what, A cute maxi skirt like this one is a Must have for any Jolie's out there. It just too cute for words  and very easy to work out the entire look.Get yours!!!!!!

*I'm lost for words on the whole Sylvia look. Can we say overalls are back on track?? Yeah right..The first time I set my eyes of these Forever 21 overalls, I fall in love with them straight away..Love at the first sight?? I suppose She really rocked it well well paired with silk blouse so perfectly matched indeed.

“So often we dwell on the things that seem impossible rather than on the things that are possible. So often we are depressed by what remains to be done and forget to be thankful for all that has been done.”

Marian Wright Edelman quotes


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